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Round 5 Results - 5/30/02
Wow. Long time, no update. I have been on vacation, and working on my new AWESOME MEGAPARK... PARADISE COVE. I worked on this one for about 2 months...this is my first park with hacks and double-wide paths. I think it is pretty good. Click on the My Parks Page to check this awesome mega-park out.

Round 5 Results - 5/30/02
My newest Mega-Park, Sunny Glen is complete after 4 months of building. It is really worth checking out. 13 coasters. Great landscaping. Head over to the Sunny Glen Page or the My Parks Page To check out this awesome mega-park.

Round 5 Results - 5/30/02
Wow, long time, no see. well, im almost out of school, so expect more parks, updates, and gladiator rounds soon. The results for the Round 5 RCT gladiator is up...will be edited soon for who is the 5th to go. Good job so far.

Round 4 - 5/07/02
Round 4 results are up, head over to the competition page. Good luck to the 4 who remain in round 5.

Sunny Glen Update - 4/25/02
Sorry for lack of updates, I've been busy with 3 things. 1) School, 2) RCT Gladiator, 3) Sunny Glen. I've made some awesome improvements to my Sunny Glen Project Park, go check it out at the projects section. Leave feedback at RCT Station Forums. Round 4 is underway for RCT Gladiator. Good luck! Also, I've been considering the next big site undertaking. After RCT Gladiator and Sunny Glen are completed, I think that I will add help articles and advice and stuff. Any ideas on how to improve the site, email at I'd also like to take this oppurtunity to remind you: If you like the site, please reward me for my work. Head over to, scroll all the way down, click the eBay link, and then Register for a name. I get $ for this, but I need 5 people to do it. Please reward me for my hard work, sign-up takes about 5 minutes, then you get an email to sign yourself up Thanks!

Round 3 Elimination - 4/20/02
Our 1st place entry for Round 3, Wedge36, had chosen to eliminate AJ from RCT Gladiator. Thanks for playing AJ. Please stick around to vote for the final round, once we are down to 2 competitors. Good luck to our final 5, round 4 will begin shortly.

RCT Gladiator Round 3 - 4/20/02
The round 3 results are up at the contest page. We got all 6, 100% of the entries back. I will announce who was eliminated when the #1 entry has responded with his choice. Down to 5, on to round 4.

RCT Gladiator Round 2 - 4/09/02
I have posted the round 2 results on the contest page. I was again surprised at the excellent entries. Please download the files and check out my comments. Congrats to Michael Bepko, who has won 1st again with Kamakaze, and has eliminated Alan Swindlehurst. On to round 3!

RCT Gladiator News - 4/09/02
I have posted the round 1 results, and who was eliminated at the contest page. Goodbye, TycoonHero!

First Round almost done - 4/04/02
I have received first round entries from: Kiddo,Morrgy, Wege36, and Minnimee85, as well as an email from AJ, which had no park attached. They are due tommorow at Noon, emailed to Good luck!

2 New "Your Parks" - 4/08/02
Kiddo has sent me 2 new parks available for preview and download in the Your Parks Section. They are well done, and are worth checking out. Thanx kiddo :-)

RCT Gladiator First Round - 4/04/02
RCT Gladiator has begun! I have emailed the first challenge to all of the contestants. Return it to me, completed, by April 9th at noon, EST. Good luck to everyone involved.

We have 8! RCT GLADIATOR! - 4/24/02
Thank you to all who have signed up for RCT Gladiator! We have 8, so the contest is beginning shortly! Expect an email with your first challenge! This should be fun.

New YourPark and Affiliate - 3/25/02
We have a new affiliate RCT America. We also have a brand new park called JLRides Showcase submitted by Kiddo. Check that out in the Your Parks section.

We have 8! RCT GLADIATOR! - 3/24/02
Thank you to all who have signed up for RCT Gladiator! We have 8, so the contest is beginning shortly! Expect an email with your first challenge! This should be fun.

Contest Announced: RCT GLADIATOR - 4/18/02
The first ever Kevin's Fantasy Parks contest has been announced! RCT GLADIATOR. It is a survivor type format that will test your all around RCT Skills: coaster making, landscaping, layout, park design, all of it! Head over to the Contest Page To check out the rules and sign up! Only first 8 to sign up get spots!!! Good luck to you all!

Project Page Up: Sunny Glen - 3/17/02
I have added a new page to the site, where I can share information about my park and coaster projects that I', working on. The current park is Sunny Glen. Go check out the pictures and information! Its 45% done, and will be up on the site upon completion. Also, Wedge36 will be working on his new megapark also, and him and I are contemplating working on a group park.

Contest News - 3/12/02
As we continue to establish ourselves as an RCT website, we are now considering holding a contest. But what contest to have? Please vote now on the poll (click on the image link above). We look forward to the next competition!

First "Your Park" Now Up - 4/12/02
Okay, I've now added the first park not made by me to the site. It is a megapark made and submitted by Wedge36. Download it at the Your Parks section!

More Fantasy Parks - 3/12/02
I have been working on my new park, so far untitled, but it is looking good. So far, I have a 9.2 inverted and 9.7 steel twister. I've got a new conributer to the site, Wedge36: expect to see lots of work from him in the future. NOTE TO WEDGE: I had to drown lots of peeps to decrease the file size (sorry!!!).

Updates, Pics, and Parks - 3/6/02
I've added another park...actually, it's only a coaster, but it is a well themed Inverted coaster, built in the "official scenario" from the official site. Also, I've added a lot of pictures to the site, so it isn't so darn plain!

First Parks Now online! - 3/5/02
Well, I've uploaded my first several RCT Parks: KevGardens, Acropolis Racer, and Thrillride Gardens. Head over to the My Parks page to download them. Remember, I am always looking for park submissions!

More pages are Up - 3/3/02
I've continued to add pages to the website. The My Parks page, contest page, Submission page (submit those parks!), and my RCT Links page are all complete. Expect lots of more updates as I continue to build the site.

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